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    • Multiphoton dissociation/ionisation of dimethyl sulphide (CH3SCH3) at 355 and 532 nm

      Rajesh K Vatsa Chiranjib Majumder Onnattu D Jayakumar Shailendra K Kulshreshtha Jai P Mittal

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      Multiphoton dissociation/ionization has been studied for CH3SCH3 at 355 and 532 nm using a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The major ion signals observed at 355 nm are C+, CH3+, HCS+, CH2S+, CH3S+ and CH3SCH3+. Power dependence studies at 355 nm show a (2+1) REMPI process for the formation of parent ion. Peaks atm/e = 46, 47 and 61 show two-photon laser power dependence whereasm/e = 15 and 45 peaks show four-photon dependence. However, in 532 nm photo-ionisation, no parent ion signal is observed. A peak atm/e = 35 corresponding to SH3+ has been observed. SH3+ has been suggested to originate from CH3SCH2+ via a cyclic transition state. Photoionisation results of CH3SCH3 have been compared with those of CH3SSCH3, at these two wavelengths.

    • Theoretical study of aromaticity in inorganic tetramer clusters

      Sandeep Nigam Chiranjib Majumder S K Kulshreshtha

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      Ground state geometry and electronic structure of M42- cluster (M = B, Al, Ga) have been investigated to evaluate their aromatic properties. The calculations are performed by employing the Density Functional Theory (DFT) method. It is found that all these three clusters adopt square planar configuration. Results reveal that square planar M42- dianion exhibits characteristics of multifold aromaticity with two delocalised π-electrons. In spite of the unstable nature of these dianionic clusters in the gas phase, their interaction with the sodium atoms forms very stable dipyramidal M4Na2 complexes while maintaining their square planar structure and aromaticity.

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