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    • Preparation of manganous zinc ferrites

      M N Sankarshana Murthy C E Deshpande J J Shrotri

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      Active manganous oxide preparedin situ is mixed in a closed system with a coprecipitated mixture of zinc and ferric oxides, and then heated in an inert atmosphere to 800°C to form the manganous zinc ferrite at this relatively low temperature. A volatilizable binder employed for pressing is first distilled off in an inert atmosphere and the sintering is then carried out in a controlled static atmosphere. The formation of the spinel with total absence of Mn3+ far below the sintering temperature, and the subsequent sintering without any possibility of oxidation of Mn2+ at any stage result in improved properties.

    • Mössbauer studies on ferrous-zinc ferrites prepared by a novel technique

      C E Deshpande S K Date M P Gupta M N S Murthy

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      Ferrous-zine ferrites, ZnxFe3−xO4(0<x<1) have been prepared using a new method involving the stabilization of FeO prior to its reaction with ZnO and Fe2O3. Mössbauer studies on these ferrites have given results regarding the hyperfine fields, quadrupole interactions and isomer shifts in good agreement with those reported earlier on the same ferrites prepared by more elaberate and expensive techniques. This confirms the reliability of the new technique, which being much simpler, is less prone to errors in stoichiometry.

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