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    • Structural and electrochemical properties of 𝛽-tetrabromo-mesotetrakis(4-alkyloxyphenyl)porphyrins and their metal complexes

      P Bhyrappa C Arunkumar

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      Crystal structure of 2,3,12,13-tetrabromo-5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-butyloxy phenyl)porphinato copper(II) tetrahydrofuran solvate was examined and it features enhanced non-planar distortion of the porphyrin ring. The normal coordinate structural decomposition (NSD) analysis for the out-of-plane displacement of atoms of the macrocyclic ring in CuT(4-C$_n$P)PBr4 ($n = 4, 6$) indicates mainly saddled distortion combined with small contribution from wave conformation. The electrochemical studies on MT (4-C$_n$P)PBr4 (M = 2H, Cu(II), Zn(II)) revealed cathodic shift in redox potentials in contrast to the corresponding brominated porphyrins, MTPPBr4. This is perhaps due to non-planarity of the porphyrin ring and the positive inductive effect of the alkyloxy groups.

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