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    • Two new inorganic-organic hybrid materials based on inorganic cluster, [X2Mo18O62]6− (X=P, As)

      Fatma Hmida Meriem Ayed Brahim Ayed Amor Haddad

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      Two new inorganic-organic hybrid materials based on heteropolyoxometalates, (C4H10N)6 (P2 Mo18O62).4H2O I, and (C4H10N)6 (As2Mo18O62).4H2O II, where C4H10N is protonated pyrrolidine have been synthesized and structurally characterized by physic-chemical methods. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction method, infrared, ultraviolet spectroscopy, Thermogravimetricanalysis andcyclic voltammetry measurements of the title hybrid materials indicate that there are hydrogen bond interaction between O atoms of the hetero-polyoxometalates and water molecules as well as the N and O atoms of the organic compound. The molecular structures of synthesized hybrid materials contain discrete entities of pyrrolidinumion and water molecules surround every [X2Mo18O62]6− anion over the extended crystalline network that the [X2Mo18O62]6− anion retains its ``Dawson structure". Crystal data: I monoclinic, space group P21/a, a = 13,453(1) Å, b = 24,046 (1) Å, c = 24,119(1) 𝛽 = 97, 99(1)°, V = 7726,30(5) Å3 and Z = 4; II monoclinic, space group P21/a, a = 13.4900(1) Å, 24.0900(1) Å, 24.2740(1) Å, 𝛽 = 98.320(1)°, V = 7805.40(7) Å3 and Z = 4.

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