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    • On the formation of multiple Mo-Mo bonded units in highly viscous matrix of declustered ions

      Boris Udovic

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      Theoretically predicted but experimentally always elusive Mo2+ dimers were sputtered by FAB Cs+ beam from a highly electrostricted ionic matrix and observed in its free form. Concentrated solutions of electrolysed MoO3 trioxide in aqueous hydrochloric acid constitute a useful source, of not particularly stable, Mo2Cl93− ions. Caged Mo2Cl93− species in glassy viscous hydrochloride solutions were declustered within a temperature spike over 3000 K by fast atom impacts from surrounding matrix phase explosion beyond the spinodal line. Numerically precomputed m/z mass spectra collimate with observed and highly resolved lines in natural isotopic distribution amplitudes of survived Mo2+ species.

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