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    • Vibrational excitation resulting from electron capture in LUMO of F2 and HCl - A treatment using the time-dependent wave packet approach

      Bhavesh K Shandilya Manabendra Sarma Satrajit Adhikari Manoj K Mishra

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      Vibrational excitation cross-sections $\sigma_{v_f \leftarrow v_i}$(𝐸) in resonant e-F2 and HCl scattering are calculated from transition matrix elements $T_{v_f \leftarrow v_i}$(𝐸) obtained using Fourier transform of the cross correlation function $\langle \phi_{v_f} (R) | \Phi_{v_i} (R, t) \rangle$. where $\Psi_{v_i} (R,t) \approx e^{i \hbar H_{AB^-}(R)t} \phi_{v_i} (R)$. Time evolution under the influence of the resonance anionic Hamiltonian H$_{AB^-}$ (AB=F2/HCl) is effected using Lanczos reduction technique followed by fast Fourier transform and the target (AB) vibrational eigenfunctions $\phi_{ν_i}$ (𝑅) and $\phi_{v_f}$ (𝑅) are calculated using Fourier grid Hamiltonian method applied to potential energy (PE) curve of the neutral target. The resulting vibrational excitation cross-sections provide reasonable agreement with experimental and other theoretical results.

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