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    • Hydrogen bond dynamics and vibrational spectral diffusion in aqueous solution of acetone: A first principles molecular dynamics study

      Bhabani S Mallik Amalendu Chandra

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      We present an ab initio molecular dynamics study of vibrational spectral diffusion and hydrogen bond dynamics in aqueous solution of acetone at room temperature. It is found that the frequencies of OD bonds in the acetone hydration shell have a higher stretch frequency than those in the bulk water. Also, on average, the frequencies of hydration shell OD modes are found to increase with increase in the acetone-water hydrogen bond distance. The vibrational spectral diffusion of the hydration shell water molecules reveals three time scales: A short-time relaxation (∼80 fs) corresponding to the dynamics of intact acetone-water hydrogen bonds, a slower relaxation (∼1.3 ps) corresponding to the lifetime of acetone-water hydrogen bonds and another longer time constant (∼12 ps) corresponding to the escape dynamics of water from the solute hydration shell. The present first principles results are compared with those of available experiments and classical simulations.

    • Formation of BH3 Adducts with Pyridine-2-Methylaminophosphine ligands: An experimental and computational study

      Harinath Adimulam Dwijendra P Kukri Bhabani S Mallik Tarun K Panda

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      The reaction of pyridine-2-methylaminophosphine [C5H4N-CH2NHPPh2] (1) and pyridine-2-methylphosphinoselenoic amide [C5H4N-CH2NHP(Se)Ph2] (2) with BH3·SMe2 yields the corresponding adducts [C5H4N(BH3)-CH2NHP(BH3)Ph2] (1a), and [C5H4N(BH3)-CH2NHP(Se)Ph2] (2a), respectively. The solid state structures of both the compounds were established by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The phosphorus and the pyridine nitrogen atoms are coordinated to the boron atom in the case of 1a whereas only pyridine nitrogen atom is attached to the BH3 group in the case of 2a. To understand the nature of P-B/ N-B bonds and to compare the basicities of pyridine nitrogen, amino nitrogen and phosphorus atoms, density functional theoretical (DFT) calculations were performed on the BH3 adducts 1a and 2a. The results are consistent with the experimental results.

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