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    • Dominant $\pi \cdots \pi$ interaction in the self assemblies of 4-benzylidene imidazolin-5-one analogues

      Basanta K Rajbongshi Gurunath Ramanathan

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      Crystal structures of five imidazolin-5-ones are discussed. While molecules 1-3 show a donor-acceptor type of $\pi \cdots \pi$ lateral offset stacking, C-H$\cdots \pi$ interactions are found to play dominant roles in molecules 2 and 4. In molecule 2, C-H$\cdots \pi$ interactions further form lateral offset stack to form extended C-H$\cdots \pi \cdots \pi \cdots$H-C hydrogen bonds. Molecule 4, however shows a layer structure with interlayer C-H$\cdots \pi \cdots $H-C hydrogen bonds and interlayer stacking of imidazolin-5-one heterocycles. These structures show how weak $\pi \cdots \pi$ interactions can be exploited for tailoring supramolecular assemblies.

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