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    • Bis-hydrazine metal maleates and fumarates: Preparation, spectral and thermal studies

      S Govindarajan S U Nasrin Banu N Saravanan B N Sivasankar

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      Hydrazinium hydrogenmaleate (HHM) and hydrogenfumarate (HHF) have been prepared and characterized by analytical, spectral and thermal studies.Bis-hydrazine metal maleates and fumarates of the general formula MX(N2H4)2, where M=Co, Ni or Zn and X=maleate or fumarate have been prepared by the reaction of corresponding metal nitrate hydrates with a mixture of maleic or fumaric acid (1 part) and hydrazine hydrate (4 parts). Electronic spectra and magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate that all are high-spin octahedral complexes. The IR data show that the bonding of the hydrazine and maleate/fumarate dianion to the metal ion is bidentate. Thermal decomposition studies show that the simple hydrazinium salts undergo melting followed by endothermic decomposition into gaseous products, whereas the metal complexes undergo violent exothermic decomposition to give either metal or metal oxide as the final product.

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