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    • Electrochemical study of triphenyltin piperidyl dithiocarbamate

      Shubhra Chandra B D James R J Magee

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      The reduction of triphenyltin piperidyl dithiocarbamate in acetone has been investigated using d.c. polarography and cyclic voltammetry. Polarographic reduction yielded four well-defined waves, two of which were diffusion-controlled and two of which appear to represent adsorption processes. The cyclic voltammetric study yielded results in close agreement with the polarographic data. Results appear to indicate the release of the dithiocarbamate moiety, followed by reduction to form the triphenyltin radical, which undergoes dimerization, as well as reduction to the triphenyltin anion. For comparison, the polarographic reduction of triphenyltinchloride was investigated. A mechanism similar to that proposed by earlier authors for the polarographic behaviour of tributyltin oxide was found.

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