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    • Theoretical and experimental study of physicochemical behavior of binary mixtures: SAFT and PC-SAFT models


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      The type and magnitude of interactions between diisobutyl ketone (DIBK) and a homologous series of 2-alkanols (2-propanol up to 2-pentanol) are studied in this paper using density and viscosity data. Studies have been carried out in a wide range of temperature (293.15 K to 323.15 K), atmospheric pressure, and inthe entire range of composition. The calculated excess molar volumes of the above-mentioned systems are positive, and the viscosity deviations are negative. For the correlation of the density values of binary systems, the statistical association fluid theory (SAFT) and perturbed chain statistical association fluid theory (PC-SAFT) have been used, and the output of two models are compared by average absolute deviation. The results show that the PC-SAFT model is more efficient. Densities and viscosities reported for binary systems along with applied models are all novels, and so far no reports have been investigated in the scientific papers.

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