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    • High performance electrode materials for the hydrogen evolution reaction from alkaline media

      B V Tilak A C Ramamurthy B E Conway

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      One of the main component electrochemical reactions in alkaline water electrolyzers, chlor-alkali and chlorate cells is the hydrogen evolution reaction. Development of high performance materials for this reaction is receiving ever increasing attention in an effort to lower the energy consumption involved in these processes.

      Kinetic data for the hydrogen evolution reaction from alkaline media on various materials is presented with focus on (i) the differences in the mechanistic behavior observed during transition from smooth to high surface area, and (ii) the electrocatalytic effects arising from the incorporation of metals (e.g., Ir, Ru, Co, W, Ti, Sn, Re, Mo, etc.) and non-metals (S, P, B, Bi, Sb, etc.) into the nickel lattice, and the influence of ion-implantation of Pt into Fe. In addition, the criteria required of electrode materials for efficient performance under industrial operating conditions is highlighted.

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