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    • Crystal structure and ionic conductivity of a new bismuth tungstate, Bi3W2O10.5

      B Muktha T N Guru Row

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      The compound Bi3W2O10.5 was synthesized by the solid-state technique from Bi2O3 and WO3 in stoichiometric quantities. Single crystals were grown by the melt-cooling technique and the crystal structure was solved in the tetragonalI4/m space group witha = 3.839 (1) Å,c = 16.382 (5) Å,V = 241.4 (1) Å3,Z = 4 and was refined to anR index of 0.0672. The structure represents a modification of the Aurivillius phase and consists of [Bi2O2]2+ units separated by WO8 polyhedra. a.c. impedance studies indicate oxide ion conductivity of 2.91 10−5 Scm−1 at 600°C.

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