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    • Conductance studies on the interaction of urea with ions in formamide

      Vishnu Awadhesh K Singh

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      Conductance data on the interaction of urea with sodium and potassium halides and with larger tetraalkylammonium halide salts in formamide solution have been reported at several temperatures within a range of 25 to 70°. 0·1 M solution of the electrolyte in formamide was saturated with urea at 50° and the conductances of the homogeneous electrolyte-solvent-nonelectrolyte systems were measured. Pairs of straight lines have been obtained from the plots of — logK versus 1/T, intersecting one another at the saturation temperature. Divergence of the pairs of straight lines has been found to be markedly influenced by the structural properties of various ions. Trend of the divergence of the pairs of straight lines has been found to follow the order Cl>Br>I and Hex4 N+>Pen4 N+>Bu4 N+>Pr4 N+>Et4 N+>Me4N+. These results have been interpreted on the basis of the structure-breaking properties of urea and ‘salting-in’ of urea by electrolytes and of electrolytes by urea.

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