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    • Synthesis, properties and supramolecular structure of piperazinediium thiosulfate monohydrate

      Bikshandarkoil R Srinivasan Ashish R Naik Sunder N Dhuri Christian Näther Wolfgang Bensch

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      Aqueous reaction of ammonium thiosulfate with piperazine (pip) results in the formation of the title compound (pipH2)[S2O3]$\cdot$H2O 1 (pipH2 = piperazinediium) in good yield. 1 was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, Raman andNMRspectra, X-ray powder pattern and its structure was determined. On heating at 100°C, 1 transforms to anhydrous piperazinediium thiosulfate 2, which can be rehydrated to the monohydrate on exposure tomoisture. The structure of 1 consists of two crystallographically independent piperazinediium (pipH2)2+ cations located on inversion centers, a thiosulfate anion and a lattice water. The organic cations, thiosulfate anion and lattice water are linked by six varieties of hydrogen bond namely O-H$\cdots$O, O-H$\cdots$S, N-H$\cdots$O, N-H$\cdots$S, C-H$\cdots$O and C-H$\cdots$S, leading to the formation of alternating layers of (pipH2)2+ cations and water linked thiosulfate chains. A comparative study of several compounds charge balanced by the piperazinediium cation is described.

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