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    • Synthesis crystal structure, photoluminescence and photocatalytic property of a new three dimensional Zinc(II) tetrazole framework

      Arti Chouhan Ashutosh Pandey Peter Mayer

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      In this study the preparation and characterization of a zinc MOF which gives blue luminescence and photocatalytic activity have been described The reaction of 2cyanopyridine, Zn(NO3)2·4H2O and NaN3 yielded a new 3D Zn(II) coordination polymer {(2PTZ)2Zn}n (1), where 2PTZ=5(2pyridyl)tetrazolate via in situ [2+3] cycloaddition reaction of the nitrile and the azide. Compound 1 was characterized by elemental analyses, IR spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and single-crystal X-ray crystallography. Crystal structure of the compound belongs to monoclinic space group C2/c with 𝑍 = 2 In 1 the crosslinkage of the PTZ ligands and Zn(II) atoms forms an infinite 1D chain network. Further the one–dimensional chains are assembled into threedimensional network by hydrogen bonding. Thermal photoluminescence and photocatalytic properties of 1 were also been investigated.

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