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    • Excited electronic state decomposition mechanisms of clusters of dimethylnitramine and aluminum

      Anupam Bera Atanu Bhattacharya

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      In this report, electronically non-adiabatic decomposition pathways of clusters of dimethylnitramine and aluminum (DMNA-Al and DMNA-Al2) are discussed in comparison to isolated dimethylnitramine (DMNA). Electronically excited state processes of DMNA-Al and DMNA-Al2 are explored using the complete active space self-consistent field (CASSCF) and the restricted active space self-consistent field (RASSCF) theories, respectively. Similar to the nitro-nitrite isomerization reaction pathway of DMNA, DMNA-Al$_n$ clusters also exhibit isomerization pathway. However, it involves several other steps, such as, first Al-O bond dissociation, then N-N bond dissociation followed by isomerization and finally NO elimination. Furthermore, DMNA-Al$_n$ clusters exhibit overall exothermic decomposition reaction pathway and isolated DMNA shows overall endothermic reaction channel.

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