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    • Mathematical description of the nonlinear chemical reactions with oscillatory inflow to the reaction field

      Aldona Krupska

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      In this paper the arduous attempt to find a mathematical solution for the nonlinear autocatalytic chemical processes with a time-varying and oscillating inflow of reactant to the reaction medium has been taken. Approximate analytical solution is proposed. Numerical solutions and analytical attempts to solve the non-linear differential equation indicates a phase shift between the oscillatory influx of intermediate reaction reagent 𝑋 to the medium of chemical reaction and the change of its concentration in this medium. Analytical solutions indicate that this shift may be associated with the reaction rate constants 𝑘1 and 𝑘2 and the relaxation time 𝜏. The relationship between the phase shift and the oscillatory flow of reactant 𝑋 seems to be similar to that obtained in the case of linear chemical reactions, as described previously, however, the former is much more complex and different. In this paper, we would like to consider whether the effect of forced phase shift in the case of nonlinear and non-oscillatory chemical processes occurring particularly in the living systems have a practical application in laboratory.

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