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    • Studies on silver-silver carboxylate indicator electrodes: Part 1—The silver-silver acetate electrode

      Abha Rani Rai Mukhtar Singh

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      Silver-silver acetate (Ag−Ag Acet) electrodes have been prepared and their electrochemical and thermodynamic behaviour studied in different media containing acetate ions. The linear relationship between electrode potential and log[CH3COO] shows that this electrode can be used in the quantitative determination of CH3COO in aqueous, aquoalcoholic and alkaline media. The values of thermodynamic functions, viz. ΔG0, ΔH0 and ΔS0 for the electrode reaction have been determined. The standard free energy of formation (ΔGf0) and solubility product constant (Kzp) of CH3COOAg in aqueous medium at 25°C have also been determined.

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