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    • Studies on mixed mesomorphism: Determination of latent transition temperature (LTT) by extrapolation

      J M Lohar A V Doshi

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      A nonmesogenic component of a binary system mixed with a liquid-crystal component must have the latent ability to exhibit mesomorphism. But this cannot normally be observed because the transition temperature from the amorphous liquid to the mesophase lies below the normal melting point. This latent transition temperature of nonliquid crystal substances are determined by the extrapolation method. Binary systems consisting of structurally similar components, viz.p-methoxyphenyl-′p-methoxycinnamate (A) (117·0–141·5°C) as liquid crystal component and other a nonliquid-crystal component (B) (Schiff’s base), are studied. Extrapolation of the transition curves yield the latent transition temperature of the nonliquid-crystal component. The values of LTT for different Schiff’s bases are in fair agreement with literature values. The transition temperatures of the binary systems as well as the constituent components were observed.

    • Synthesis of new mesogens: 4(4′-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-phenyl-azo-4″-methyl benzenes

      A V Doshi K J Ganatra

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      A homologous series with carboxy (-COO-) and azo (-N=N-), as central groups have been synthesised by treating 4-(4′-n-alkoxy benzoyl) chloride with 4-hydroxy phenylazo-4′-methyl benzenes. All the homologues of the series are mesomorphic in nature. The first eight members of the series are nematogenic and the remaining members exhibit smectic and nematic character with high melting behaviour and wide mesomorphic range. The usual odd-even effect does not predominantly appear in nematic isotropic transition curves but it appears to some extent in the first four homologues. Thermal stabilities are comparable with structurally similar known series.

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