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    • Understanding the interactions between hydrogen-bonded complexes of xylose and water: Quantum Chemical Investigation


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      Hydrogen-bonded complexes between xylose and water, modelled by xylofuranose…H2O complexes were explored employing ab initio quantum chemical framework. The Møller–Plesset secondorder perturbation theory (MP2) in conjugation with aug-cc-pVDZ basis set, is used for investigating the H-bonding interactions. The complete basis set limit interaction energies for a-and b-xylofuranose and xylopyranose water complexes were calculated at MP2 level. It is observed that the addition of water molecule does not change the conformational structure of xylose moieties. Further water is found to interactwith xylose mainly through the O atom present in a ring and its neighboring OH group. Energy decomposition analysis by LMO-EDA approach indicates that the electrostatic and exchange interactions are the two largest contributing terms to the total interaction energy for bonding between Xylose and water

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