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    • A new Keggin-based organic-inorganic nanohybrid in the role of a dual-purpose catalyst


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      A new organic-inorganic hybrid consisting of Keggin-type polyoxometalate ([BW12O40]5-) and protonated piperazine, namely [H5O2]2[Hpip]2.5[BW12O40].4H2O (pip = piperazine, C4H10N2) (1), has been created under reflux state and identified through material identification devices like single-crystal crystallography, FT-IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopies, Powder XRD, TG-DT Analysis, Field Emission SEM, elemental-analysis and cyclic voltammetry. Crystallography investigation exhibits that the main factor in the formation of 1 is the numerous number of hydrogen bonding between organic and inorganic species. The arrangement of Hpip groups creates holes in which the [BW12O40] clusters fit into the holes. Furthermore, the electrochemical and photochemical attributes of 1 have been considered, and the outcomes present that 1 owns privileged electrocatalytic activity against the reduction of nitrite ions as well as an appropriate photochemical effect on methylene blue (MB) dye depredation

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