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    • Electrode kinetics of Eu3+/Eu2+ reaction by cyclic voltammetry

      T P Radhakrishnan A K Sundaram

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      The cyclic voltammetric behaviour of Eu3+/Eu2+ couple at hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) has been studied in chloride, bromide, iodide, thiocyanate and EDTA supporting electrolytes. The apparent rate constant and transfer coefficient for these systems have been calculated at various voltage scan rates, without using the data for standard or formal potential. The values have been compared with those obtained by earlier workers through other electrochemical methods.

    • Synergism in the extraction of europium in the presence of alkylphosphates and sulphoxides

      M Sudersanan A K Sundaram

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      Synergism in the extraction of europium(III) has been investigated using a mixture of naphthoyltrifluoroacetone and synergists like trioctylphosphine-oxide (TOPO), tributylphosphate (TBP), trihexylphosphate (THP), diphenylsulphoxide (DPSO) and benzylsulphoxide (BSO). Synergism decreases in the order: TOPO < TBP ≃THP < BSO < DPSO indicating a correlation between electron density at the donor atom and extent of synergism. The equilibrium constants for adduct formation have also been evaluated.

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