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    • A new measure to study phylogenetic relations in the brown algal order Ectocarpales: The “codon impact parameter”

      Smarajit Das Jayprokas Chakrabarti Zhumur Ghosh Satyabrata Sahoo Bibekanand Mallick

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      We analyse forty-seven chloroplast genes of the large subunit of RuBisCO, from the algal order Ectocarpales, sourced from GenBank. Codon-usage weighted by the nucleotide base-bias defines our score called the codon-impact-parameter. This score is used to obtain phylogenetic relations amongst the 47 Ectocarpales. We compare our classification with the ones done earlier.

    • PSCRIdb: A database of regulatory interactions and networks of pluripotent stem cell lines


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      Pluripotency in stem cells is regulated by a complex network between the transcription factors, signalingmolecules, mRNAs, and epigenetic regulators like non-coding RNAs. Different pluripotent stem cell (PSC)lines were isolated and characterized to study the regulatory network topology to understand the mechanismthat control developmental potential of pluripotent cells. PSCRIdb is a manually curated database of regulatoryinteractions including protein–protein, protein–DNA, gene–gene, and miRNA–mRNA interactions in mouseand human pluripotent stem cells including embryonic stem cells and embryonic carcinoma cells. At present,22 different mouse and human pluripotent stem-cell-line-specific regulatory interactions are compiled in thedatabase. Detailed information of the four types of interaction data are presented in tabular format andgraphical network view in Cytoscape layout. The database is available at http://bicresources.jcbose.ac.in/ssaha4/pscridb. The database contains 3037 entries of experimentally validated molecular interactions that canbe useful for systematic study of pluripotency integrating multi-omics data. In summary, the database can be auseful resource for identification of regulatory networks present in different pluripotent stem cell lines.

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