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    • Skin anti-photoaging properties of ginsenoside Rh2 epimers in UV-B-irradiated human keratinocyte cells

      Sun-Joo Oh Sihyeong Lee Woo-Yong Choi Chang-Jin Lim

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      Ginseng, one of the most widely used herbal medicines, has a wide range of therapeutic and pharmacological applications. Ginsenosides are the major bioactive ingredients of ginseng, which are responsible for various pharmacological activities of ginseng. Ginsenoside Rh2, known as an antitumour ginsenoside, exists as two different stereoisomeric forms, 20(𝑆)-ginsenoside Rh2 [20(𝑆)-Rh2] and 20(𝑅)-ginsenoside Rh2 [20(𝑅)-Rh2]. This work aimed to assess and compare skin anti-photoaging activities of 20(𝑆)-Rh2 and 20(𝑅)-Rh2 in UV-B-irradiated HaCat cells. 20(𝑆)-Rh2, but not 20(𝑅)-Rh2, was able to suppress UV-B-induced ROS production in HaCat cells. Both stereoisomeric forms could not modulate cellular survival and NO level in UV-B-irradiated HaCat cells. Both 20(𝑆)-Rh2 and 20(𝑅)-Rh2 exhibited suppressive effects on UV-B-induced MMP-2 activity and expression in HaCat cells. In brief, the two stereoisomers of ginsenoside Rh2, 20(𝑆)-Rh2 and 20(𝑅)-Rh2, possess skin anti-photoaging effects but possibly in different fashions.

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