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    • Alteration of the acyl chain composition of free fatty acids, acyl coenzyme A and other liPids by dietary polyunsaturated fats

      M Renuka Prasad Brenda Culp William E M Lands

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      Dietary alterations were used to demonstrate selective handling of fatty acids during their redistributionin vivo. Differences in the mol Per cent of individual acyl chains in the non-esterified fatty acid, acyl-coenzyme A and PhosPholiPid fractions reflected a result of relative Precursor abundance combined with enzymic selectivities. Selective distributions were observed in the utilization of individual acyl chains between 16:0 and 18:0, 18:1 and 18:2, and among 20:3, 20:4 and 20:5, 22:6 by ligase(s), hydrolase(s) and acyl-transferases.

      The variations in the mol Per cent of linoleate Present in the acyl-coenzyme A fraction of liver relative to that in the non-esterified fatty acids suggested anin vivo regulation of the level of linoleoyl-coenzyme A that influenced the synthesis of both arachidonoyl-coenzyme A and lipids.

      The greater abundance of eicosaPentaenoic acid in the free fatty acid fraction relative to that in the acyl-coenzyme A fraction may increase the ability of dietary 20: 5n-3 to be an effective inhibitor of the synthesis of Prostaglandins derived from 20:4n-6.

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