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    • Sensory projections of identified coxal hair sensilla of the scorpionHeterometrus fulvipes (Scorpionidae)

      K Sasira Babu K Sreenivasulu V Sekhar

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      The topography of long hair sensilla on the coxae of walking legs and pedipalps of the scorpionHeterometrus fulvipes is described. Identified long hair sensilla are cobalt filled, and central projections of sensory fibres are reported for the first time in the suboesophageal ganglion of this scorpion. The afferent fibres arising from each long hair sensilla segregate into ventral, dorsomedial and dorsal tracts upon their entry into the suboesophageal ganglion. These transverse tracts bifurcate towards the middle of the leg neuromere and form three ipsilateral, plurisegrnental, longitudinal sensory pathways. Filling a pair of bilaterally distributed long hair sensilla shows bilaterally arranged longitudinal afferent tracts interconnected by distinct transverse commissures. Similar patterns of sensory projections are observed when filling homologous hairs on other legs and pedipalps. Numerous fine collaterals arise from the longitudinal sensory trancts that subdivide and end in small blebs presumed to be presynaptic endings. The dorsal and dorsomedial longitudinal tracts and their respective commissures are in close association with the dendritic arborisations of pedipalpal and leg motor neurons, suggesting direct contact between them. The probable functions of these multisegmental hair afferent pathways are discussed.

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