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    • Light and electron microscopic studies on the seminal secretions and the vas deferens of the penaeiodean shrimp,Sicyonia ingentis

      T Subramoniam

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      Unlike the other penaeiodean shrimp, the ridge back shrimp, Sicyoniaingentis does not produce a spermatophore, but transfers sperm suspended in seminal plasm. This paper reports on the histomorphology and ultrastructure of the vas deferens with reference to its functional role in secreting the sperm bearing materials. The vas deferens is divisible into proximal secretory, mid storage and distal ejaculatory regions. The epithelial cells lining the proximal vas deferens are comprised of secretory and absorptive cell types. The loose sperm cells found in the lumen of this region are in an immature condition, and are agglutinated into a compact mass with signs of spermiogenesis in the mid vas deferens. The epithelial cells lining the mid vas deferens are short flattened cells. The distal vas deferens is ensheathed by muscular fibres. The inner epithelial cells are highly secretory and contain numerous microvilli at the luminal end. The sperm cord gets liquefied in this region facilitating the transfer of sperm in liquid form to the female during mating.

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