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    • Phytochrome regulation of nitrate reductase in wheat

      O Ramaswamy I M Saxena Sipra-Guha Mukherjee Sudhir K Sopory

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      In excised wheat leaves, the activity of nitrate reductase was enhanced by a brief pulse of red light and this increase was reversed by far-red light irradiation. Even under continuous far-red light, nitrate reductase activity increased by 258% after 18 h. When leaves were kept in distilled water during exposure to red light and then transferred to potassium nitrate, there was no difference in endogenous nitrate concentration. The nitrate reductase activity was the same whether leaves were floated in potassium nitrate or in distilled water during irradiation. Partial to complete inhibition of enzyme activity was observed when leaves were incubated in actinomycin-D and cycloheximide respectively, following 4 h of red light irradiation.In vitro irradiation of extract had no significant effect on nitrate reductase activity

    • Antisense expression of a gene encoding a calcium-binding protein in transgenic tobacco leads to altered morphology and enhanced chlorophyll

      Girdhar K Pandey Amita Pandey Vanga Siva Reddy Renu Deswal Alok Bhattacharya Kailash C Upadhyaya Sudhir K Sopory

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      Entamoeba histolytica contains a novel calcium-binding protein like calmodulin, which was discovered earlier, and we have reported the presence of its homologue(s) and a dependent protein kinase in plants. To understand the functions of these in plants, a cDNA encoding a calcium-binding protein isolated from Entamoeba histolytica (EhCaBP) was cloned into vector pBI121 in antisense orientation and transgenic tobacco plants were raised. These plants showed variation in several phenotypic characters, of which two distinct features, more greenness and leaf thickness, were inherited in subsequent generations. The increase in the level of total chlorophyll in different plants ranged from 60% to 70%. There was no major change in chloroplast structure and in the protein level of D1, D2, LHCP and RuBP carboxylase. These morphological changes were not seen in antisense calmodulin transgenic tobacco plants, nor was the calmodulin level altered in EhCaBP antisense plants.

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