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    • Adhesion-growth factor crosstalk regulates AURKB activation and ERK signalling in re-adherent fibroblasts


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      Aurora kinases despite their similarity have distinct roles in the cell cycle, which is regulated by cell-matrixadhesion and growth factors. This study reveals loss of adhesion and re-adhesion to differentially regulateAurora kinases. AURKB activation that drops on the loss of adhesion recovers on re-adhesion in serumdeprivedconditions but not in the presence of serum growth factors. A rapid 30 min serum treatment of serumdeprivedcells blocks the adhesion-dependent recovery of AURKB, which negatively correlates with Erkactivation. AZD mediated inhibition of AURKB in serum-deprived re-adherent cells promotes Erk activationand membrane ruffling, comparable to presence of serum. These studies thus define a novel adhesion-growthfactor-dependent regulation of AURKB that controls adhesion-dependent Erk activation in re-adherentfibroblasts.

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