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    • Assessment of genetic divergence through cluster analysis of chilli varieties


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      Our study on genetic diversity was conducted with six chilli genotypes with inter- and intra-specific crossvarieties of the three most popular chilli species (Capsicum annuum L., Capsicum chinense Jacq., and Capsicumfrutescens L.). Twelve quantitative characters, viz. plant height (cm), primary branches, secondarybranches, number of flowers, number of fruits/plant; dry fruit weight (g), fruit length (cm), fruit diameter (cm),pedicel length (cm), pericarp thickness (mm), seeds/fruit, and seed weight (g), were taken into consideration.The analysis of variance revealed considerable variability among the genotypes for the character studied.Cluster analysis was used for grouping of parental and hybrid chilli genotypes under the study grouped intofive clusters. Cluster I had the maximum (12) and clusters IV and V had the minimum number (1) of genotypes.The inter-cluster D2 values ranged between 40.404 and 127.530. The minimum inter-cluster distance wasbetween clusters III and IV (40.404). The maximum inter-cluster distance was observed between clusters II andV (127.53). Diversity pattern and other horticultural performance among the genotypes of new varieties weregenerated due to the cross between Local Line Mahadev Pramanick and Sukhia bullet and also the crossbetween Local Line Mahadev Pramanick and Habanero orange (cluster II) as well as single parental variety i.e.Habanero orange. These genotypes were identified as promising varieties with respect to various charactersmay be taken into consideration as better parents for an efficient hybridization programme of chilli.

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