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    • Purification and properties of trehalase from monkey small intestine

      S Sanker S Sivakami

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      Brush border membrane trehalase was purified from monkey small intestine by a procedure which includes solubilisation by Triton X-100, ammonium sulphate fractionation, and chromatography on DE-52 and hydroxyapatite. The purified enzyme had a specific activity of 11 units/mg protein and was purified 140-fold. The enzyme showed a single protein band on Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. It had aKm value of 17.4 mM for trehalose and a Vmax of 1.33 units. Sucrose and Tris acted as competitive inhibitors of the enzyme.

    • Two forms of trehalase in rabbit enterocyte: Purification and chemical modification

      S Sanker S Sivakami

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      Trehalase found to be associated with the brush border membrane vesicles and the Ca2+ aggregated basolateral membrane vesicles were purified to homogeneity. They were found to differ in their molecular weight, subunit structure, heal stability, N-terminal residues, amino acid composition and also the active site residues. Chemical modification showed the presence of a histidine and tyrosine at the active site of brush border membrane vesicle trehalase and two histidines at the active site of basolateral membrane vesicle.

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