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    • Calcium and magnesium effect on divalent cation deficientHydrilla verticillata thylakoid electron transport activity

      S R Mishra S C Sabat

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      The role of divalent cations like magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) was irrvestigated on energy distribution process ofHydrilla verticillata thylakoids. Effect of these cations was tested on relative quantum yield of photosystem (PS) II catalyzed electron transport activity, room and liquid nitrogen temperature fluorescence emission properties and thylakoid light scattering characteristics. The electron transport activity was found to be stimulated in the presence of these cations in a light intensity independent manner. The concentration of cation required for maximum stimulation was nearly 10–12 mM. Comparatively, Ca2+ was more effective than Mg2+. Cation induced stimulation in electron transport activity was not accompanied by increase in chlorophylla fluorescence intensity either at room (25°C) or liquid nitrogen (77°K) temperatures. Furthermore, 540 nm absorption and 90° light scattering properties of thylakoids remained insensitive towards divalent cations. These facts together suggest that divalent cations inHydrilla thylakoids are not effective in supporting the excitation distribution between the interacting photosystem complexes.

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