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    • The response ofRhizobium meliloti to L-methionine DL-sulphoximine

      S Prakash Rao Usha George V V Modi

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      A strain ofRhizobium meliloti has been shown to be capable of growth in the presence of methionine sulphoximine concentrations at least two orders of magnitude higher than that required for the complete inhibition of glutamine synthetase activity. Neither the specific growth rate, nor the nutritional requirements of the organism were affected by methionine sulphoximine in the medium.Rhizobium meliloti appeared to assimilate ammoniavia the glutamate dehydrogenase pathway during growth in the presence of methionine sulphoximine. This suggests thatRhizobium meliloti may have some regulatory mechanism controlling ammonia assimilation that is not present in other enterobacteria possessing similar enzymatic machinery

    • Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of chickpea with α-amylase inhibitor gene for insect resistance

      S Ignacimuthu S Prakash

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      Chickpea is the world’s third most important pulse crop and India produces 75% of the world’s supply. Chickpea seeds are attacked byCallosobruchus maculatus andC. chinensis which cause extensive damage. The α-amylase inhibitor gene isolated fromPhaseolus vulgaris seeds was introduced into chickpea cultivar K850 throughAgrobacterium- mediated transformation. A total of 288 kanamycin resistant plants were regenerated. Only 0.3% of these were true transformants. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis and Southern hybridization confirmed the presence of 4.9 kb α-amylase inhibitor gene in the transformed plants. Western blot confirmed the presence of α-amylase inhibitor protein. The results of bioassay study revealed a significant reduction in the survival rate of bruchid weevilC. maculatus reared on transgenic chickpea seeds. All the transgenic plants exhibited a segregation ratio of 3:1.

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