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    • Regulation of phosphoglycerate mutase in developing forespores and dormant spores ofBacillus megaterium by thein vivo levels of phosphoglycerate mutase inhibitor

      Ravendra Pal Singh

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      Bacillus megaterium accumulated 3-phosphoglycerate during sporulation which was utilized during spore germination. During sporulation a protein was synthesized before or at the start of 3-phosphoglycerate accumulation inside the developing spores about 1.5 h before dipicolinic acid accumulation. This protein has an affinity for Mn2+ and other divalent metal ions and inhibits phosphoglycerate mutase activity which has been shown to require Mn2+ However, the levels of the inhibitor decreased considerably (75–85%) during spore germination. No appreciable amount of the inhibitor was detected in the vegetable cell and mother cell compartment; however, the forespore compartment possesses an activity comparable to that of dormant spores. The partially purified inhibitor has a molecular weight of 11,000 and possesses both high and low affinity binding sites for Mn2+ and Ca2+ as determined by Scatchard plot analysis.

    • Localization of 3-phosphoglyceric acid synthesis in the mother cell compartments and forespores ofBacillus megaterium and the effects of manganous ions on its metabolism

      Ravendra Pal Singh

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      Rapidly metabolizable compounds such as glucose or glycerol were not utilized byBacillus megaterium in the absence of manganese when grown in the supplemented nutrient broth medium. Under these conditions, growth ceased at low cell titre, 3-phosphoglyceric acid accumulated inside the cells and normal sporulation process was arrested. Addition of manganese to the medium caused disappearance of 3-phosphoglyceric acid, growth resumed and normal sporulation was observed. Synthesis of 3-phosphoglyceric acid occurred only in the mother cell compartments and it was transported for accumulation inside the forespores ofBacillus megaterium when grown in supplemented nutrient broth medium. Incubation of forespores in the presence of glucose or glycerol had no effect on 3-phosphoglyceric acid synthesis/accumulation, but it was completely utilized when forespores were incubated with manganese plus ionophore (X 537A). No other metal(s) could substitute for manganese suggesting that manganese plays crucial role in 3-phosphoglyceric acid metabolism

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