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    • Biosensor design using an electroactive label-based aptamer to detect bisphenol A in serum samples


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      A new and simple procedure was applied to detect bisphenol A (BPA) based on a BPA aptamer and its complementarystrand (Comp. Str.). An electrode was modified with a mixture of carboxylated multiwalled carbon nanotubes and chitosan.The Comp. Str. was immobilized on a modified-glassy carbon electrode (GCE) surface via covalent binding. After theincubation of the aptamer with the electrode surface, it could interact with the Comp. Str. In the presence of BPA, itsaptamer will interact with the analyte, resulting in some changes in the configuration and leading to separation from theelectrode surface. Due to the attached ferrocene (Fc) group on the 5' head of the aptamer, the redox current of Fc hasreduced. This aptasensor can sense the level of BPA in the linear range of 0.2–2 nM, with a limit of detection of 0.38 nMand a sensitivity of 24.51 lA/nM. The proposed aptasensor showed great reliability and selectivity. The acceptable selectivityis due to the specificity of BPA binding to its aptamer. The serum sample was used as a real sample; the aptasensorwas able to effectively recover the spiked BPA amounts. It can on-site monitor the BPA in serum samples withacceptable recoveries.

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