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    • Binding of thyroid hormone to mouse granulosa cell nuclei and its biological relevance

      R Biswas A Bandyopadhyay S Guin S Bhattacharya

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      Thyroid hormone showed specific binding ability to mouse granulosa cells from immature mice, primed with post menopausal gonadotropin. Saturation of specific binding sites was reached by 2 nM concentration of the hormone. A Scatchard analysis of thyroid hormone binding exhibited a Kd of 42 x l0-9M/mg nuclear DNA and a maximum binding capacity of 1 pmol/mg nuclear DNA. Competitive inhibition studies showed thyroid hormone binding to be analogue specific. Addition of 100 ng of thyroid hormone to granulosa cell incubations (1 x 106 cells/well) resulted in a three-fold increase in cellular protein synthesis. Thyroid hormone resulted in a dose dependant increase in progesterone release from granulosa cell. It also stimulated the formation of pregnenolone (83%) and progesterone (81%) from radiolabeled cholesterol as compared to control. This stimulation by thyroid hormone was completely inhibited by cycloheximide. Results indicate a direct effect of thyroid hormone on granulosa cells, its binding to nuclei causing an increase in steroidogenesis through the mediation of protein(s).

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