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    • IGF1 stimulates differentiation of primary follicles and their growth in ovarian explants of zebrafish (Danio rerio) cultured in vitro


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      The present study is an attempt to elucidate the involvement of insulin-like growth factor (IGF1) in the differentiation andgrowth of primary follicles in ovarian explant cultures of zebrafish. Ovaries from adult females were cultured in triplicatesets/treatment group for 15 days at 22 deg C in the laboratory. Culture medium was supplemented with either insulin (1 ng/mL)or IGF1 (1 ng/mL) or insulin ? IGF1 (Experiment 1) or 0.1 or 1.0 or 10 ng/mL of IGF1 (Experiment 2). Ovaries culturedin medium alone served as controls and those fixed at the beginning of the culture as initial controls. Experiments were repeated. On the 16th day ovarian explants were fixed in Bouin’s fluid and processed for paraffin embedding, sections(3 lm) were cut and stained with hematoxylin-eosin. Follicles were classified into 6 stages and atretic follicles (AF).Previtellogenic, vitellogenic and total follicle number was calculated. At the start of the culture, ovaries contained all stagesof growing and degenerating follicles. In in vitro cultured control ovaries, vitellogenic follicles underwent atresia, while,primary follicles remained unaffected. Insulin or insulin ? IGF1 treated ovaries did not differ significantly while IGF1exposed ovarian explants had greater (P\0.05) number of primary follicles compared to controls. IGF1 also caused anincrease in the number and growth of primary follicles in a dose dependent manner although; cultures were not supplementedwith gonadotrophic hormones. Results suggest that locally derived intra-ovarian IGF1 may have a role in thedifferentiation and growth of primary follicles in zebrafish ovary.

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