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    • Comparative study of major lipid constituents in human and monkey aorta

      Rajvir Dahiya S Majumdar N K Ganguly R N Chakravarti

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      The contents of total lipids, phospholipids, cholesterol, triglyceride and free fatty acid in intima and media of thoracic and abdominal segments of aorta from normal human subjects and rhesus monkeys were determined. An increase in total lipids in intima as compared to that of media was noted in both species. A comparison of lipid contents of thoracic and abdominal segments from both species revealed that abdominal segment contained significantly greater lipid. Further, human thoracic and abdominal aortic intima and media had higher content of cholesterol as compared to that of monkey aorta. The differences in lipid profile in aorta of these two species have been highlighted to provide a clue with respect to the differences in the prevalence and morphology of atherosclerosis as seen in monkey and man.

    • Comparative study of fatty acid composition in human and monkey aorta

      Rajvir Dahiya S Majumdar N K Ganguly R N Chakravarti

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      The fatty acid composition of thoracic and abdominal aortic intima and media of normal human subjects and rhesus monkeys has been studied. Significantly higher values of unsaturated fatty acids as compared to saturated fatty acids have been noted in the intima of monkey as compared to man. The fatty acid profile of the aortic wall in these two species has provided a probable biochemical basis for the lesser incidence of atherosclerosis in macaques.

    • Aortal collagen polymorphism in monkey and man

      Rajvir Dahiya N K Ganguly S Majumdar R N Chakravarti

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      Aortal collagen typing in monkey and man showed the presence of types I, HI and V in human aorta and types I and III in monkey aorta. Type III collagen was found to be a predominate type in both species. The molecular weight of type III collagen was similar in these species while type I collagen was different. Both monkey and human collagen types I and III were found to be immunogenic. Type I collagen was significantly increased while type III was decreased in human atherosclerotic plaque. Collagen typing in fatty streak remained unaltered.

    • Platelet Ca2+ handling in essential hypertension: Role of a plasma ouabain-like factor

      Shalini Gulati Madhu Khullar Ramandeep Singh Savita Kumari N K Ganguly B K Sharma

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      A humoral ouabain-like plasma factor has been observed in patients with essential hypertension (EHT). In the present study, we hypothesized that this humoral factor might be responsible for the elevated cytosolic free calcium concentrations [Ca2+]i seen in these patients. Patients with mild to moderate EHT and their normotensive first degree blood relatives (NTBR) participated in the study. Platelet Na+, K+-ATPase activity was assayed in EHT patients and their NT first-degree relatives. To confirm the ouabain-like activity in plasma from EHT patients, control platelets were incubated with EHT and NTBR plasma and their Na+, K+-ATPase activity was measured. In addition, the effect of EHT plasma on platelet45Ca-uptake was studied. Thein vitro effects of ouabain (10 ΜM) on (i)45Ca-uptake and (ii) [Ca2+]i response in control platelets were also observed. A decreased Na+K+-ATPase activity (P< 0.05) was observed in platelet membranes from EHT patients. Incubation of control platelets with EHT plasma decreased their Na+, K+-ATPase activity (P< 0.01) and increased their45Ca-uptake (P< 0.05). C-18 Sep-Pak filtered hypertensive plasma extracts (containing the ouabain-like fraction) also decreased Na+, K+-ATPase activity (P< 001) in control platelet membranes.In vitro incubation of control platelets with ouabain increased45Ca-uptake (P< 005) and [Ca2+]i response (P< 0.05) in these platelets. Thus it appears that an ouabain-like factor in the EHT plasma may contribute to the elevated platelet [Ca2+]i observed in EHT patients.

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