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    • Biodegradation of commercial linear alkyl benzenes byNocardia amarae

      Manju Bhatia H Devendra Singh

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      Laboratory degradation studies of two indigeneously produced linear alkyl benzenes byNocardia amarae MB-11 isolated from soil showed an overall degradation of linear alkyl benzenes isomers to the extent of 57–70%. Degradation of 2-phenyl isomers of linear alkyl benzenes was complete and faster than that of other phenyl position (C3–C7) isomers which were degraded to the extent of 40–72% only. Length of alkyl side chains (C10–C14) had little or no impact on the degradation pattern. Major metabolities detected were 2-, 3-and 4-phenyl butyric acids, phenyl acetic acid and cis, cis-muconic acid. Minor metabolites weretrans-cinnamic acid, 4-phenyl 3-butenoic acid and 3-phenyl pentanoic acid along with two unidentified hydroxy acids. On the basis of the formation pattern of these metabolities, three catabolic pathways of linear alkyl benzenes isomers inNocardia amarae MB-11 were postulated. All the phenyl position (C2–C7) isomers of C10, C12, and C14 linear alkyl benzenes along with 3-phenyl and 5-phenyl isomers of C11 and C13 linear alkyl benzenes were degraded viacis,cis-muconic acid pathway. Other phenyl position isomers of C11 and C13 linear alkyl benzenes with phenyl substitution at even number carbon atoms were principally degraded via phenyl acetic acid pathway whiletrans-cinnamic acid formation provided a minor pathway

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