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    • Estrogen is essential but not sufficient to induce endometriosis


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      Endometriosis is a common gynaecological disorder of unknown aetiology. Among the several factors, estrogen hasbeen implicated as a causative factor in endometriosis. In the present study using mouse model, we assessed the role ofestrogen in the initial implantation and growth of endometrium in ectopic locations. Uterine tissues from greenfluorescent protein (GFP) mice were transplanted in to the peritoneum of wild type mice in presence and absence ofestrogen. As compared to untreated controls, the implantation of uterine tissue at ectopic locations was higher whenestrogen was administered to both host and donor animals. However, this effect was not sustained as lesions regressedwithin 14 days of treatment. Irrespective of the treatment, peritoneal adipose was the most preferred site of lesionestablishment. The lesions did not have typical features of the endometriosis (presence of glands and stroma) even afterestrogen treatment and the ectopic tissue underwent regression by apoptosis irrespective of treatment. Since estrogenpromotes implantation of endometrial tissue to ectopic locations but failure of these ectopic lesions to grow and sustaineven in high estrogenic environment we propose that estrogen is necessary but not sufficient to sustain endometriosis.

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