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    • Modularized study of human calcium signalling pathway

      Losiana Nayak Rajat K De

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      Signalling pathways are complex biochemical networks responsible for reg ulation of numerous cellular functions. These networks function by serial and successive interactions among a large number of vital biomolecules and chemical compounds. For deciphering and analysing the underlying mechanism of such networks, a modularized study is quite helpful. Here we propose an algorithm for modularization of calcium signalling pathway of H. sapiens. The idea that ``a node whose function is dependant on maximum number of other nodes tends to be the center of a sub network” is used to divide a large signalling network into smaller sub networks. Inclusion of node(s) into sub networks(s) is dependant on the outdegree of the node(s). Here outdegree of a node refers to the number of re lations of the considered node lying outside the constructed sub network. Node(s) having more than c relations lying outside the expanding subnetwork have to be excluded from it. Here 𝑐 is a specified variable based on user preference, which is finally fixed during adjustments of created subnetworks, so that certain biological significance can be conferred on them.

    • Computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics: Recent progress and resources


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      The human brain and its temporal behavior correlated with development, structure, and function is a complex naturalsystem even for its own kind. Coding and automation are necessary for modeling, analyzing and understanding the 86.1 ±8.1 billion neurons, an almost equal number of non-neuronal glial cells, and the neuronal networks of the human braincomprising about 100 trillion connections. ‘Computational neuroscience’ which is heavily dependent on biology, physics,mathematics and computation addresses such problems while the archival, retrieval and merging of the huge amount ofgenerated data in the form of clinical records, scientific literature, and specialized databases are carried out by ‘neuroinformatics’approaches. Neuroinformatics is thus an interface between computer science and experimental neuroscience.This article provides an introduction to computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics fields along with their state-ofthe-art tools, software, and resources. Furthermore, it describes a few innovative applications of these fields in predictingand detecting brain network organization, complex brain disorder diagnosis, large-scale 3D simulation of the brain, brain–computer, and brain-to-brain interfaces. It provides an integrated overview of the fields in a non-technical way, appropriatefor broad general readership. Moreover, the article is an updated unified resource of the existing knowledge and sources forresearchers stepping into these fields.

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