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    • Platelet-derived growth factor mediates interleukin-13-induced collagen I production in mouse airway fibroblasts

      Jiamei Lu Yanting Zhu Wei Feng Yilin Pan Shaojun Li Dong Han Lu Liu Xinming Xie Guizuo Wang Manxiang Li

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      Interleukin-13 (IL-13) is associated with the production of collagen in airway remodelling of asthma. Yet, the molecular mechanisms underlying IL-13 induction of collagen remain unclear; the aim of this study is to address this issue. IL-13 dose- and time-dependently-induced collagen I production in primary cultured airway fibroblasts; this was accompanied with the STAT6 phosphorylation, and pre-treatment of cells with JAK inhibitor suppressed IL-13-induced collagen I production. Further study indicated that IL-13 stimulated JAK/STAT6-dependent PDGF production and subsequent ERK1/2 MAPK activation in airway fibroblasts, and the presence of either PDGF receptor blocker or MEK inhibitor partially suppressed IL-13-induced collagen I production. Taken together, our study suggests that activation of JAK/STAT6 signal pathway and subsequent PDGF generation and resultant ERK1/2 MAPK activation mediated IL-13-induced collagen I production in airway fibroblasts.

    • Circ_0002711 knockdown suppresses cell growth and aerobic glycolysis by modulating miR-1244/ROCK1 axis in ovarian cancer


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      It has been well investigated that circular RNAs (circRNAs) play important roles in various cancers. Thefunction of circ_0002711 and its underlying mechanisms in ovarian cancer (OC) remain unknown. qRT-PCRand western blot were performed to detect the expressions of circ_0002711, microRNA-1244 (miR-1244), andRho kinase 1 (ROCK1) in OC tissues and cells. MTT assay and colony formation assay were employed toevaluate cell proliferation. Detection of lactate production, glucose uptake, and ATP level and oxygen consumptionwere used to determine Warburg effect. Western blot was used to examine glycolysis or proliferationrelatedgenes. Dual-luciferase reporter assay and RIP pull down assay were used to address the relationshipamong circ_0002711, miR-1244, and ROCK1. In vivo tumor growth was evaluated in nude mice.Circ_0002711 was upregulated in OC tissues and cell lines. Circ_0002711 downregulation inhibited cellviability, colony formation ability and aerobic glycolysis. Circ_0002711 contained binding sites with miR-1244. Moreover, loss of miR-1244 undermined circ_0002711 downregulation-mediated function. ROCK1contained binding sites with miR-1244. MiR-1244 upregulation suppressed cell proliferation and aerobicglycolysis, which was rescued by enhanced expression of ROCK1. Circ_0002711 knockdown hamperedROCK1 expression by upregulating miR-1244 expression. Finally, decreased expression of circ_0002711inhibited tumor growth in vivo. Circ_0002711/miR-1244/ROCK1 axis regulated Warburg effect and tumorgrowth in vivo.

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