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    • Mechanistic studies on carboxypeptidase A from goat pancreas Part I: Role of tyrosine residue at the active site

      R D Dua Kamlesh Gupta

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      Chemical modification of carboxypeptidase Ag1 from goat pancreas with Nacetylimidazole or iodine led to loss of enzymic activity. This loss in activity could be prevented when chemical modification was carried out in the presence of Β-phenylpropionic acid or substrate NCbz-glycyl-L-phenylalanine, thus suggesting a tyrosine residue at the active site. Chemical modification of tyrosine was confirmed by spectral and kinetic studies. While tyrosine modification destroyed peptidase activity, esterase activity of the enzyme remained unchanged thus indicating non-involvement of tyrosine residue in ester hydrolysis

    • Mechanistic studies on carboxypeptidase a from goat pancreas — part II: Evidence for carboxyl group

      R D Dua Kamlesh Gupta

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      Studies with substrate analogues and the pH optimum indicated the involvement of carboxyl group in the active site of goat carboxypeptidase A. Chemical modification of the enzyme with 1-cyclohexyl-3-(2-morpholinoethyl) carbodiimide methoI -p-toluene sulphonate, a carboxyl specific reagent, led to loss of both esterase and peptidase activities. Protection studies showed that this carboxyl group was in the active site and was protected by Βp-phenylpropionic acid and glycyl-L-tyrosine. Kinetic studies also confirmed the involvement of carboxylic group because the enzyme modification with water soluble carbodiimide was a two step reaction which excluded the possibility of tyrosine or lysine which are known to give a one step reaction with this reagent

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