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    • Glycogen metabolism in human fetal testes

      K Misra Datta J Dasgupta T Sengupta S De Sengupta

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      The ontogeny of glycogen synthetase, glycogen Phosphorylase and α-D-glucosidase, enzymes which are associated with glycogen metabolism and glycogen level has been studied in human fetal testes of gestational age ranging from 14–32 weeks. Glycogen synthetase activity reaches the peak value at 17–20 weeks of gestation, thereafter it decreases. α-D-Glucosidase activity increases with the advancement of pregnancy up to 28 weeks of gestation decreasing thereafter very rapidly. Phosphorylase activity remains more or less constant throughout gestation. The maximum increase in glycogen content at early stages of gestation (17–20 weeks) and gradual reduction with the advancement of pregnancy are correlated with histochemical observation by the periodic acid-Schiff technique.

    • (α-Pyridyl) methyl phosphoro-bis-triazolide as a new phosphorylating reagent for internucleotide bond formation

      K Misra M Chaddha A Dikshit R K Singh

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      (α-Pyridyl)methyl phosphoro-bis-triazolide has been found to be a reagent of choice for phosphate protection in oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis. The reagent has been used successfully to phosphorylate all the four 5’-and N-protected deoxynucleosides. The resulting 3′-phosphorylated derivatives were found to be fairly stable as either triethyl ammonium salts or cyanoethyl derivatives. The phosphorylated derivatives were used in the preparation of the dimers TpT and d(ApT) in solution phase and a tetramer, TTTT, and a hexamer, d(ATATAT), on solid phase using glass support. The method gave excellent yields. Considerably reduced condensation time (6–9 min) and practically no cleavage of the internucleotide bond during the removal of the group are the advantages.

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