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    • Overexpression ofGbERF confers alteration of ethylene-responsive gene expression and enhanced resistance toPseudomonas syringae in transgenic tobacco

      Jie Qin Kaijing Zuo Jingya Zhao Hua Ling Youfang Cao Chengxiang Qiu Fupeng Li Xiaofen Sun Kexuan Tang

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      GbERF belongs to the ERF (ethylene responsive factor) family of transcription factors and regulates the GCC-box containing pathogen-related (PR) genes in the ethylene signal transduction pathway. To study the function of GbERF in the process of biotic stress, transgenic tobacco plants expressingGbERF were generated. Overexpression ofGbERF did not change transgenic plant’s phenotype and endogenous ethylene level. However, the expression profile of some ethylene-inducible GCC-box and non-GCC-box containing genes was altered, such asPR1b, PR2, PR3, PR4,Osmotin, CHN50, ACC oxidase and ACC synthase genes. These data indicate that the cotton GbERF could act as a transcriptional activator or repressor to regulate the differential expression of ethylene-inducible genes via GCC and non-GCCcis-elements. Moreover, the constitutive expression ofGbERF in transgenic tobacco enhanced the plant’s resistance toPseudomonas syringae pvtabaci infection. In conclusion,GbERF mediates the expression of a wide array ofPR and ethylene-responsive genes and plays an important role in the plant’s response to biotic stress.

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