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    • An Na+/H+ antiporter gene from wheat plays an important role in stress tolerance

      Jia Ning Yu Jian Huang Zi Ning Wang Jin Song Zhang Shou Yi Chen

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      A vacuole Na+/H+ antiporter gene TaNHX2 was obtained by screening the wheat cDNA library and by the 5′-RACE method. The expression of TaNHX2 was induced in roots and leaves by treatment with NaCl, polyethylene glycol (PEG), cold and abscisic acid (ABA). When expressed in a yeast mutant (𝛥nhx1), TaNHX2 suppressed the salt sensitivity of the mutant, which was deficient in vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter, and caused partial recovery of growth of 𝛥nhx1 in NaCl and LiCl media. The survival rate of yeast cells was improved by overexpressing the TaNHX2 gene under NaCl, KCl, sorbitol and freezing stresses when compared with the control. The results imply that TaNHX2 might play an important role in salt and osmotic stress tolerance in plant cells.

    • Sp7/osterix positively regulates dlx2b and bglap to affect tooth development and bone mineralization in zebrafish larvae


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      Osterix (or Sp7) is an important transcription factor that promotes osteoblast differentiation by modulating the expression ofa range of target genes. Although many studies have focused on Osterix/Sp7 regulatory mechanisms, the detailed functionshave not been fully elucidated. Toward this end, in this study, we used CRISPR/Cas9 technology to knock out the zebrafishsp7 gene, and then analyzed its phenotype and biological function. Two knockout sp7 mutant lines were successfullyobtained. The bone mineralization level was significantly reduced in the zebrafish sp7-/- homozygote, resulting inabnormal tooth development in the larvae. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction showed that loss of sp7 led todown-regulated expression of the dlx2b and bglap genes related to tooth development and bone mineralization, respectively.Moreover, cell transfection experiments demonstrated that Sp7 directly regulates the expression of dlx2b and bglapthrough Sp7-binding sites on the promoter regions of these two genes. Overall, this study provides new insight into the roleof Sp7 in bone mineralization and tooth development.

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