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    • miRNA-mediated regulation of auxin signaling pathway during plant development and stress responses


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      Auxin is one of the most important plant growth hormones, playing a crucial role in development as well as instress responses. Auxin biosynthesis and signaling pathway comprises a series of events including auxinperception by the receptor, activation, and function of auxin response factors and control by auxin repressors.All these factors are regulated by several different microRNAs during leaf, flower and fruit development,anther development, nodulation, lateral and adventitious root development, potato tuber development as wellas during heat stress, submergence, boron toxicity, aluminium stress responses, etc., as depicted in the availableliterature. In this review a thorough study on miRNA-mediated regulation of auxin biosynthesis and signalinghas been done in various plant species. The data gathered can be utilized to point out the particular miRNAmediatedregulation module which can be utilized to modulate the expression of the miRNA and therebymodulation of the auxin pathway. Information in this review would be beneficial to utilize the miRNAexpression to generate the protocol for engineering plants with altered auxin signaling pathway to obtain betteryield and improved stress tolerance.

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