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    • Isolation and characterization of the 7S protein from glanded cottonseed (Gossypium herbacium)

      I Mohan Reddy A G Appu Rao M S Narasinga Rao

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      The major protein from glanded cottonseed has been isolated in a homogeneous form. Its S20 w value at 1 protein concentration is 6S in 1 M NaCl solution. It contains 1 carbohydrate and is free from phosphorus, gossypol (bound or free) and nucleic acid impurities. It consists of atleast seven non-identical subunits. The protein has an ultraviolet absorption maximum at 278 nm and fluorescence excitation and emission maxima at 280 nm and 325 nm respectively. Optical rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism measurements indicate that the protein consists predominantly of Β-structure and random coil. The observed near-ultraviolet circular dichroic bands can be attributed to tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan residues of the protein.

    • Effect of chemical modification on the binding of gossypol by gossypin (11S protein) and congossypin (7S protein) of cottonseed

      I Mohan Reddy M S Narasinga Rao

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      Binding of gossypol by gossypin and congossypin and their succinylated and sulfhydryl group-blocked derivatives has been measured. The binding by gossypin and congossypin is characterized by weak interaction. Succinylation of gossypin decreases the binding affinity whereas that of congossypin increases it. Blocking of sulfhydryl groups of both the proteins does not significantly affect gossypol binding, Succinylation dissociates gossypin and causes conformational changes whereas it does not dissociate congossypin but causes conformational changes. Sulfhydryl group blocking does not dissociate gossypin or congossypin, nor does it cause any conformational changes.

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