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    • Photoperiodic sensitivity and diapause induction during ovarian, embryonic and larval development of the flesh fly,Sarcophaga argyrostoma

      N A P Kenny D S Rlchard H K Bradley D S Saunders

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      Sensitivity to the daily photoperiod, particularly with respect to pupal diapause induction, was studied during ovarian, embryonic, and larval development of the flesh flySarcophaga argyrostoma. Large flies were shown to have a greater number of primary follicles in their ovaries and to be capable of limited ovarian maturation in the absence of exogenous protein (autogeny). Such ovarian development occurred independently of photoperiod. However, long days experienced during embryogenesis caused more rapid development, and earlier larviposition, than short days. Short days during embryonic and subsequent larval development also induced pupal diapause, whereas long days led to continuous or non-diapause development of the pupae. Pupal diapause could not be induced by photoperiods during the vitellogenic phase of ovarian development. InSarcophaga argyrostoma, a maternal effect preventing pupal diapause among the progeny of files with a diapause history was not observed.

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